nalu | na-lū -orig. Hawaiian language

1.   A Wave; a powerful energy wave, moving ridge or swell on the surface of the sea;

2.   To ponder, meditate, reflect;

3.   A movement sweeping large numbers in a common direction.

Nalu…the word itself inspired the evolution of the company.  Coming from the Hawaiian word meaning “wave,” nalu conjures up the image of power, excitement, energy and momentum.   To us, that is what great design is all about. 

Nalu Creative represents a new approach to furniture design by providing sustainably sourced tropical materials and handcrafting them into unique pieces that maximize the beauty of the natural wood.  Each piece is carefully brought to life with the spirit of the islands, ensuring a quality product that is meant to last for generations. 

The inspiration behind the line is a mix of “old” and “new” experiences; a perfect blend of modern design with tropical flair.  When you look at our collection, your eye will find something familiar and comfortable while at the same time notice something new and exciting.  Our goal is to capture your imagination with our designs which we have shaped and forged and sanded and coaxed out of these rare and luxurious tropical woods. 

All elements are designed and fabricated on the Big Island of Hawaii with Aloha.

From our o’hana to yours.

We hope you enjoy!

Nalu candle wall 4Seasons.jpeg
hui nalu surf pub tables

hui nalu surf pub tables